Types Of Wild Horses You Should Know!

Types of Wild Horses

Majestic and charming, Wild horses are a rare and endangered animal species. They evoke a feeling of pride and freedom when we see the images of them. However, the lack of food, water, and bad climatic conditions make the survival of these creatures difficult. Let see different types of wild horses in this article.

Types Of Wild Horses You Should Know!
Types Of Wild Horses You Should Know!

Types Of Wild Horses

Belong to the Equus Ferus, there are three types of wild horses in the animal world. Both the wild and domestic horses belong to this species. The wild horses are classified into:

  • Feral horses
  • Semi-feral horses
  • True wild horses

Feral Wild

Watching wild horses can be an exciting experience for everybody. Feral is one type of horse free-roaming in nature. Mostly they live in the wild and belong to the subspecies, Equus Ferus Caballus. These can be turned to domestic horses and can be reproduced. Some of the popular types of feral horses are Mustangs, the Namib Desert Horse, and the Brumby.

The Mustangs can usually see in the western regions of the USA and mainly used in rodeos. The US government brought a law in 1971 to protect this horse species. The harsh climatic conditions like drought, extreme heat, and sandstorms make the survival of the Namib Desert horse difficult. Brumby is another type of feral horse that usually found in Australia.

Semi-Feral Types

Like feral horses, semi-feral horses are also seen in herds and roaming freely in large areas. But the peculiarity of this horse type is that it belongs to a horse breeder. A pony breed of Pottok from the Basque Country belongs to this horse type. Another type of semi-feral horse is the Camargue horse. This ancient type is beautiful and gray. You can see them in Southern France and the delta areas of the Rhone River. These free-roaming horses belong to the farmers. You can also see them in bull festivals.

Types Of Wild Horses You Should Know!
Types Of Wild Horses You Should Know!

True Wild Horses

The renowned Przewalski’s or Dzungarian horse is the only true wild horse available today. The scientific name of this horse species is Equus Ferus Przewalskii, and humans cannot make them domesticated. IN that sense, these horses are truly wild instead of feral.

True wild horses are also extinct species, and only very few of them remain today. One of the most common of this horse species is the Przewalski’s horse. Another popular true wild horse type was Eurasian or Tarpan wild horse. It became extinct at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Places Where You Can See

  • The Virginia Range, Nevada
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
  • The Pryor Mountains, Montana & Wyoming
  • Outer Banks, North Carolina
  • Assateague Island, Virginia & Maryland
  • Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Indigenous to North America, you can see different types of wild horses. However, these are labeled as exotic or non-native species in this continent. You can see them in many places in America, like Nevada and Nova Scotia. Majestic and beautiful, these creatures have been a powerful symbol for many pieces of literature and films. Each of us loves the majestic beauty of wild horses.

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