US Army Cavalry Division

Horseback Riding: Do You Want To Learn The Art?

The army’s 1st Cavalry division has a unique identity in the history of the US. Its official date of activating the first cavalry division was 13 Sep 1921. It consists of soldiers called Troopers, which patrols on horseback. This cavalry has served the country in various conflicts, including the Vietnam War, World War II, etc. Hence, the people of the country are proud of this army division. It has different interesting facts that many people do not know. In this article, we describe the must-know facts about the US Army 1st cavalry division. Hence, you must read this article very attentively until the end.

US Army 1st Cavalry Division Must-Know Facts
US Army 1st Cavalry Division Must-Know Facts

Facts About US Army 1st Cavalry Division

The Combat Patch Of The 1st Cavalry Division’s Has A Deep Meaning

The patch of this army division is unique and meaningful. It features a yellow background along with a diagonal black line and a silhouetted horse head. The traditional color of this unit is yellow. Hence, it contains a yellow background. The head of the horse head symbolizes that the horses have a unique identity in the division. Moreover, the black color symbolizes iron in the patch. It explains that division allows the transition from horse to tanks if required.

This Division Is Among The Most Decorated Divisions Of The US Army

The army awarded the 43 Troopers with Medal of Honor for showing courage in World War II and other wars. Moreover, 30 people received medals for gallantry in Vietnam War. The number of people who received the Distinguished Service Cross in this division is 261. It has proven the role of this cavalry in various conflicts.

You Can Catch This Division Of The US Army On The Big Screen

The film named “Platoon,” released in 1986 had featured this unit. The film director Oliver Stone was part of this unit during the Vietnam War. The 1979 film “Apocalypse Now” has also featured this cavalry.

US Army 1st Cavalry Division Must-Know Facts
US Army 1st Cavalry Division Must-Know Facts

It Was The First Cavalry To March Into Manila During World War II

The Gen. Douglas MacArthur gave the order to the troopers for going Marilla. Moreover, he ordered to free prisoners at the legislative building, Malacanan Palace, and Santo Tomas. Soldiers of this division entered the Philippines in Feb 1945. They released the prisoners and also led the charge of Tokyo.  

Interesting Facts

This Division Has Worn Several Hats From Its Origination

In July 1950, the unit was first to Pyongyang during the Vietnam War. Hence, it became the first airmobile army during that time. Moreover, it has served various divisions throughout the service. It includes infantry division, cavalry division, an infantry division, an armored division, and an air assault division.

It Took Control For The Peace Supporting Operations In Bosnia-Herzegovina In 1998

The famous nickname of this division is “First Team.” It ensured the stability and peace throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1998 with around 6900 personnel. It was the part of SFOR at that time. After one year in August 1999, it transferred the authority of the place to the US 10th Mountain Division.

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