Wild Horses – Facts

Wild Horses-Some Facts And Popular Types

Wild horses are the most popular breed of horses. They are fiery and majestic, making it different from other kinds. But nowadays, the population of wild horses becomes low.  These horses are rarely found. Due to deforestation, they were unable to get sufficient water and food, creating difficulties in their survival. So now, you may only find different kinds of horses, but rarely wild ones. Hence, if you want to know about wild horses, then you should keep on reading this article.

Wild Horses-Some Facts And Popular Types
Wild Horses-Some Facts And Popular Types

We can find all kinds of horses, such as wild and domestic.  They thus belong to the same species but have distinct features and appearance. These horses can be categorized into three different subspecies, such as semi-feral, feral, and etc. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss different types of horses around the world.

Following Are The Types Of Wild Horses

Feral horses

Feral horses are the famous species of these horses. They belong to the country or state and live in the wild. Feral horses are not entirely wild and downright domestic ancestry. They are a combination of wild and domestic. These horses were able to reproduce and survive. 


These horses are mostly found in the USA.  Nowadays, Americans use them in rodeos. Mustangs look like Andalusian and Arabian horses.

Semi Feral Horses

These horses usually live freely in wide areas. However, the important fact about these horses is that they belong to a horse breeder. So, you may find a variety of these horses all over the world.

Wild Horses’ Features

They are medium in size and measure around 15 to 16 hands. Hands are the most widely used standard of horse measurement. The weight of these horses is around 900 pounds (370 kg). They come in a variety of colors. However, they are mostly found in the bay color. The bay color is similar to sorrel or reddish-brown. These horses also have a variety of patches and stripes. They thus look different and attractive.

Wild Horses-Some Facts And Popular Types
Wild Horses-Some Facts And Popular Types

Offspring-Wild Horses

These horses come in the category of mammals and able to give birth. According to the American horse’s handbook, these horses give birth to foals in May or June. They are possessive for their babies, just like other mammals.


Most people misunderstood that horses eat only oats and hay. But if an animal eats both meat and plants, so he is an omnivore. Hence, these horses mostly eat brush and grass. By eating very little food, they can get a healthy weight. However, when food is available, then these horses never miss the chance to eat a lot. These horses can eat 7-8 pounds each day.


You may find these horses in the grassland areas of the United States of America. The Bureau of Land Management manages and cares for these horses. Because of the fact that they prefer to live in open and large areas, it is difficult to keep them in cattle.

Hopefully, this will help you to know the facts and types of horses.

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