The Cowboy Hat This Summer

You Will Never Guess Who Is Wearing The Cowboy Hat This Summer

We’ve seen almost every kind headgear come and go, but this year is the year of the cowboy hat. Every couple of years, there is a new trend on Instagram when it comes to hats. Influencers are quick to pick up on a winning trend and tell us what’s what. A few years ago, we had the slightly worn baseball cup that every celebrity seemed to be wearing. It was a style statement for the ages. Something that every fashion lover will remember because it was so ubiquitous.

Last year, we had straw hats of the Jacquemus variety that took Instagram by storm. They were worn ironically by a variety of celebrities, and Instagrammers and the hat managed to make their way into every fashion magazine. However, this year the new trend is something that is blink and miss as of now.

Not many have shared pictures of themselves wearing it. But we have enough evidence to know that it could be the hat of the summer. This year, the front-runner for the hat trend of the year goes to the cowboy hat. Take a look at who has been spotted wearing it this summer and make up your mind about who wore it best.

You Will Never Guess Who Is Wearing The Cowboy Hat This Summer
You Will Never Guess Who Is Wearing The Cowboy Hat This Summer

Cowboy Hat Worn By Kylie Jenner

Yes, you heard it right. Kylie Jenner has taken to Instagram to show herself in the latest hat trend of the summer. She posted many pictures of herself in various scenic spots. Some of them with her sitting in front of a sunset. A few with her lying back on a field full of the greenest grass. And lastly, we can see her shadow on asphalt on one of the images.

This last image has her wearing a cowboy hat. We can only guess using the outline of the shadow in the image, but we are quite certain that it is the unique shape of it. You will be equally excited about the next entry on this list. So, here it is.

Cowboy Hat Worn By Hailee Bieber

Just a couple of hours after we saw Kylie Jenner rocking a cowboy hat, Hailey Bieber posted a picture of her wearing one as well. In this glamorous image, she can be seen in all-white. She is wearing a completely white bathing suit.

Over the bathing suit, she has deigned to put on an oversized white shirt that we guess might be Justin Bieber’s. And to complete the ensemble, we have a pale cowboy hat. We love this trend as we see it grow.

You Will Never Guess Who Is Wearing The Cowboy Hat This Summer

Others Spotted With The Cowboy Hat

That’s not all. There have been a plethora of celebrities who have been noted to wearing cowboy hats this year. We can see Lizzo wearing a shockingly red and dazzling cowboy hat in her music video. For those who want to know, the music video belongs to her track “Tempo.”

Taking it further, we have Diplo who has been seen wearing it on many occasions this summer. We hope that we see more of him.


What are you waiting for? It’s time for the hoi polloi to join the trend and keep the momentum going. It looks like the cowboy hat is this year’s most happening accessory.

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